Cutting Edge Technology

  • The HEAT4 Boiler Control Box takes over control of the boiler and zone vales etc.
  • The HEAT4 Control Box gathers information from the Boiler Box and temperature sensors, and relays it to the tablet. Commands issued by the HEAT4 software are instigated by the control box.
  • The HEAT4 tablet is constantly running the HEAT4 software using minimal power, while connected to the internet.
  • The HEAT4 Software controls the whole heating system and displays all the information gathered by the hardware. All zone temperatures, the outside temperature, and the latest local weather forecast are displayed. Temperatures can be set for individual zones and initiated instantly or using the Diary Function can be sheduled in.
  • The system uses up to date weather forecast data from the internet and also makes subtle adjustments according to the type of weather being experienced to ensure comfort whatever the weather.
  • Because the HEAT4 tablet is constantly connected to the internet, the HEAT4 software running on it can be accessed from any internet connected device through a service called Logmein™.
heat4 concept remote heating management

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