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Case Studies

Heating Headaches

Keeping the clock programmers up to date with our two week pattern of use plus special events was a real headache. Also the programmers took no account of current weather, thus increasing fuel use or reducing comfort for occupants.
Now we can programme the heating over the internet and it then looks after itself, optimising the use of fuel and even sending an email if it thinks there may be a fault. The HEAT4 Energy log shows how we have reduced our carbon footprint and saved money; £3471 in fact!

Saving Money for Charity

At International China Concern we have been delighted with Heat 4. We have a small office and our heating was controlled by a 24 hour timer, which meant the heating was often on when it was not needed, like at weekends.Now we have full control when the heating needs to be on.

It takes account of the outside temperature meaning the office is the right temperature for when we arrive, not too hot if it has been mild, or too cold during a cold spell.

Churchgoers Kept Toasty

All aspects of installation were professionally handled by the Heat4 team, with no disruption to the regular running of the building. Finally, backup and technical support from Heat4 has been excellent.

Minor teething problems with the system were all promptly and efficiently dealt with, and advice on temperature settings, lengths of heating periods and the most efficient way to use the system is always just a phone-call or email away.

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